Beginner's Guide

  • What is AKIBA CATCHER?
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  • How to Play
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Netch is a on-line crane game.
You control the crane via internet on real-time.
The prize you catch will be sent to you free of charge.

1 play = 1,200NP
Minimum Order Quantity is 6,000NP (1,000 yen).

1.Read and accept the Terms of Service
2.Create an account
4.Buy NP (*)
5.Select prize to catch and Start!

* Payment method; credit cards

1.Press “RESERVE”
2.Press “START”
3.Use the control buttons to move the crane
4.You win, if the prize drops in front.
5.The prize you caught will be delivered free of charge


If someone is playing when you press “RESERVE”,
you will be added to the waiting list and the button shows “IN QUEUE”.
If the other player ahead of you finishes playing,
the buttons shows “START” and now you can start turn by clicking “START”.


1.You will lose your place in queue, if you move to another cabinet.
2.Once you see the “START” button, you have 3 min. to start.
3.Once you press the “START” button, you have 3 min. to play.


If the “BINGO” hall is filled by the ping-pong ball.

Cautions -

You have to e-mail us to notify when you win.
You can not change the prizes.