Regarding Changes in Delivery Method

Thank you for using NETCH!

With this renewal, the shipping method for the prizes you've won has changed, and we would like to inform you about this.

1) A 【Free Shipping Ticket】 is now required for shipping

By using a Free Shipping Ticket to request shipment, we will ship your prizes for free.

※Please be sure to request shipping within the storage period of the prize.
If the storage period expires, you will lose your entitlement to the prizes you've won. Please be aware.

2) About the distribution of Free Shipping Tickets

They are distributed immediately when you purchase points worth 5,000 yen or more at once.
If you purchase points worth 5,000 yen or more within a week after making a shipping request,
the tickets will be distributed at 5:00 AM one week after the shipping request.

Example)Distribution image
Day 1: Use of Free Shipping Ticket
Day 3: Purchase of points with a payment of 5000 yen or more
Day 8: Distribution of Free Shipping Tickets (distributed at 5:00 AM)

- From the use of Free Shipping Ticket on day 1 to 4:59 on day 8, no matter when or how many times you purchase points with a payment of 5000 yen or more, the distribution will be only once at 5:00 on day 8.
- If there has been no purchase after day 1 and you purchase points with a payment of 5000 yen or more after 5:00 on day 8, as 7 days have passed from the start date, the distribution will be immediate.
Furthermore, after this, if you meet the above conditions, you can receive the distribution of Free Shipping Tickets any number of times.

※The maximum number of Free Shipping Tickets you can hold is one.
※The above conditions apply to a single payment of 5000 yen or more for point purchase.
※If you accumulate more than 5000 yen, such as 3000 yen x 2 = 6000 yen, it is not eligible for distribution.
※All times are in Japan Standard Time.
※In addition to using a Free Shipping Ticket, we also provide shipping options that consume Pt.

Please check the shipping fees on the delivery request page after winning a prize.

3) About Shipping Timing

We will begin processing shipments the next business day following your shipping request.
The number of days from shipment to arrival varies depending on the country or region of delivery, but as a guideline, it is approximately:
Air mail: 3 to 14 days, Sea mail: 30 to 90 days.

※Delays may occur due to international circumstances, natural disasters, or carrier circumstances.
※Due to global situations, there might be cases where shipping is halted depending on the country or region.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the changes in our shipping method.

We will continue striving to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
Thank you for your continued patronage.