First Time Points【Double】

Double Points for Your First Purchase!!

Thank you very much for using NETCH!

At NETCH, we want you to play as much as possible initially, and experience the way to play and the fun of NETCH, so we are giving you double the points for your first purchase.

The higher the purchase amount, the more you can save,
so we hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.

[Purchase Example]

10000 yen ⇨ You get points worth 10000 yen...

Only now!
10000 yen ⇨ You get points worth 20000 yen!!
That's what you get!

As a special benefit for purchasing points

Even more!!! If you purchase points worth more than 3,000 yen!
Free shipping tickets will be distributed, and
the login bonus increases three times a day!

・Login Bonus Distribution Times (Japan Time)

【Please Note】

※This offer only applies to your first purchase of points and can only be used once per person.
※This campaign can be combined with other campaigns.

Please continue to enjoy NETCH!