Thank You Campaign

We held a "Triple Reward Points Campaign!?"
Many of you purchased points! Thank you very much!

As a token of our appreciation to customers who purchased points, we are hosting the "Thank You Campaign"!
During the following period, if you purchase points,
in addition to the regular login bonus, for 5 days including the purchase date, you will receive an extra play ticket every day at some time!
Combined with the regular bonus, up to 4 tickets per day!? (For 5 days from the purchase)

Campaign Period

11/11 (Sat) 0:00 to 11/30 (Thu) 23:59
*Japanese Time

Login Bonus Ticket Distribution Time

*Japanese Time
* For 5 days, including the purchase date, at some time during these three time slots, one play ticket will be added as a gift every day!


* This campaign is for point purchasers only.
* The time slots for distribution will be randomly changed every day at midnight.
* We will not disclose at which time slot the tickets will be distributed. We cannot provide this information even if you inquire.
* The expiration period for the granted tickets is 24 hours.