About the November Login Bonus

We have presented play tickets in the Great Appreciation Campaign in September and October,
but in November, we will present a play ticket every day as a login bonus!
Please continue to enjoy NETCH!

For customers who have purchased points
A play ticket will be presented at each time slot for 5 days including the purchase date (up to 3 tickets per day)!

Event Period

From 11/1 (Wed) 0:00 to 11/30 (Thu) 23:59 *Japan time

Distribution Time Slots for Login Bonus Tickets

・0:00 to 7:59
・8:00 to 15:59
・16:00 to 23:59
* A play ticket (one ticket) will be presented during one of these time slots every day!
* Japan time

Please note

* The time slot for the gift changes randomly every day at 0:00.
* We will not announce which time slot the tickets will be distributed in. We cannot answer inquiries regarding this matter.
* The validity period of the granted tickets is 24 hours.