Autumn Thank You Campaign

Since the summer renewal,
we have had long-term maintenance and other factors, but many customers continue to play!
Thank you so much!

We are currently giving away one play ticket every day, but
as part of the Autumn Thank You Festival, we are extending the campaign and powering up!
Out of the three time slots every day, we will give out 2 play tickets (1 ticket each time).
A chance to get up to 2 play tickets every day!
Don't miss out and enjoy NETCH!

For those who have purchased points,
usually, including the day of purchase, you get 1 play ticket for each time slot (up to 3 tickets per day), but on top of that, you can also get the above-mentioned play tickets! (Up to 5 tickets per day)

Event Duration

From 9/17 (Sun) 0:00 to 9/30 (Sat) 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

Distribution Times for the Autumn Thank You Festival Tickets

※During one of these three time slots, a play ticket (1 ticket) is given out twice daily!
※The times listed are in Japan Standard Time (JST).

[Please Note]

※The time slots when gifts are given will be changed randomly at 0:00 every day.
※We will not disclose which time slot will be used for distribution. We cannot answer even if you inquire.
※The validity period for the awarded ticket is 24 hours.