Net catcher management guidelines

  1. 1. Netch is the games played by accessing the game-server maintained and hosted by Netch via internet with computers, cellphones, and gaming consoles.

  2. 2. Regarding support
    (1) Questions are answered via email. Email support hours are the same as our business hours.
    (2) We will be answering in accordance to our privacy policy.

  3. 3. Regarding the MUST information to be noticed
    (1) Netch service details and support area are provided as accordingly described on "what is Netch?"
    (2) System requirements for Netch are as shown on "system requirements"
    (3) Registering and unregistering your account
    (Registering an account)
    Press the "Free Registration" button on the top page and follow the instructions.
    Submit your email address → submit your user information → your registration has been completed
    (Unregistering an account)
    After logging in, click on the (Unregistration) button in My Page and follow the instructions.
    Confirm Unregistering account → Account has been unregistered
    (4) Paying methods, specific usage fees and expiration dates
     Paying is required when purchasing in-game points (hereafter NP).
     The minimum payment amount when purchasing NP is 1,000 JPY, and the maximum is 30,000 JPY.(original)
    Every play requires NP as payment. Minimum 1,200 NP (equivalent to 105 JPY) is used for playing once.
    Note that NP expires in 180 days from the day of purchase.
    (5) Specifying regular / emergency maintenance schedule
    Regular maintenance schedule are specified on the top page.
    Users will receive in-game notifications for emergency maintenance schedule.

  4. 4: Information for beginners
    (1) The play guidance is provided on ”For Beginners”.
    (2) The FAQ is provided on ”For Beginners”.
    (3) The sentences are regularly revised as required to be standardized in plain explanation.
    (4) The warning notice for non-adults is shown on “payment method” page.
    (5) User password, which contains user’s personal data and play data, must be controlled with care.
    (6) Disclosing your password in any way may result in abuse by users with malicious intent.
    Your attention to play the game in a safe and secure environment is required.
    (7) Your understanding of the terms of service is required as well as above.
    (8) Long hours of game play may be harmful for your health. Please take frequent rests while playing the game.

  5. 5: Netch's unique specifications
    Our specification and company policy are defined on Privacy policy and “for beginners”.

  6. 6: Information regarding protecting personal information
    (1) We refer to the fourth article on our user policy when handing topics regarding protecting personal information
    (2) Users under the age of 15 must acquire their guardian's consent.

  7. 7: Regarding cheating
    We will deal with any cheating in accordance with the corresponding articles on our user policy.
    We will react promptly to any cheating by conducting investigation and disclosing the perpetrator's personal information as according to the corresponding articles on our user policy.

  8. 8: Revisions
    This notice is subject to revisions as needed.

  9. This notice is made by referring to the guidelines provided by CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association)