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About Delivery
About Delivery

Please review before sending Please make sure your address is correct in you profile to get you prize.
If there is an error, we can not deliver your prize.
If needed, please update your profile information.
If you are unable to receive or the information in your profile is either
missing or incorrect, then we will keep your prize for one month after you win.
After one month, you will forfeit the prize.
You can request a re-delivery of the prize within one month for 15,000 NP,
which will be deducted from your account.

Please be sure to read the customer who gets the prize for food.
The following animals and livestock products are prohibited from exporting food from Japan to foreign countries.
Shipment can not be done even if prizes are acquired.
Also, I recognize that you agreed to this item before playing.
I will not return points for any reason.

Taiwan: cattle, beef Etc (BSE).
Korea: cattle, beef (BSE), poultry meat, ostrich (HPAI).
China: Beef, beef etc. (BSE) (foot and mouth disease), pig, pork, milk, dairy products etc. (foot and mouth disease), poultry, poultry meat, poultry eggs (HPAI).
Thailand: poultry and poultry meat (HPAI).
Australia: Beef and others (BSE), beef products that can be stored at ambient temperature (foods such as retort and canned food) are excluded.
Macao: poultry, poultry meat etc (HPAI).